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HTTPS Rewrite Linux/Hosting .htaccess

Discussed HTTP to HTTPS rewrite rule for windows platform IIS on previous post.  If the web server as linux based environment that can be archived and play with .htaccess file. .htaccess file has always in hidden attribute so edit the file with vi editor

Add the below code of mod_rewrite.c…

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HTTP to HTTPS rewrite rule

Typically http to https configuration would be common as the canonical name redirect either http:// or http://www to https.  This may be the site requirement as https:// or https://www In our scenario, rewrite rule could be managed to https://www with canonical name. Whenever client end entering the URL as…

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SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview

As expected Microsoft introduced SharePoint server 2019 product in May 2018 SharePoint conference. The product has more refined feature in terms of user experience, development stuff, security concerns and scalable with Hybrid collaboration environments Now, public preview available to experience the complete features of next milestone. SharePoint Server 2019 Public…

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Validate Active Directory (AD) Credentials

To configuring service account for the application after creating generated password causing issue many times, needs to validate active directory (AD) credentials before configuring it. Because enterprise level policy would disable service account with bad password attempts. The PowerShell script helps to validate efficiently.

Scripts makes perfect, Cheers!

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Creating textured background HTML5

Creating texture background HTML5 and making the html page is very simple and hosting in a minute, so here some trick to making more fancy on it.  We have seen in previous post that how to make simple html site maintenance page. Creating textured background HTML5 snippet

I have modified…

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SharePoint crawling not working with non-default zone (public facing site)

Its been very long time to back in here to share the work around fixes.  I have been configured public facing branding site in SharePoint 2013 multi tier environment.

Servers in the farm

SPSQL-AG (Availability group listener)

Web application has been extended to Internet zone, which is exposed in public via F5, SSL configured on IIS.

AAM looks like

http://SPAPP-V01:8080       Default      http://SPAPP-V01:8080            Internet              Internet                          Internet                       Internet

SharePoint search was configured with below topology;
SPAPP-V01 : Admin, Crawler, Content Processing, Analytics Processing & Index Partition
SPAPP-V02 : Admin, Crawler, Content Processing, Analytics Processing & Index Partition
SPWFE-V01 : Query Processing
SPWFE-V02 : Query Processing

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Simple HTML Maintenance Page

We everyone are looking for very simple HTML and classy site maintenance page for hosting. Nowhere we go. html maintenance page snippet