Long exposure night view photograph

Hey folks, here we are jump into to take a look in night view photograph.  Very first I would like to personally introduce my self to you, don’t go anywhere it would be very short intro just working in private firm and passionate about photography (Converting Photographic Memory System Click Here!) so here to explorer my experience in all way.  Lets talk about the below picture which I took from Nikon D5300 with 50mm prime lense.

Night view photograph

night view photograph
1/30 sec at f/11, ISO 160

Alway I used to take RAW format so that we could do some post work as color correction, exposure and some other option to play around it.

Possibly this could be take in iPhone (Click here for phone photography tricks) check it out and post you comments below. Thank you so much have a color full night!

Creating textured background HTML5

Creating texture background HTML5 and making the html page is very simple and hosting in a minute, so here some trick to making more fancy on it.  We have seen in previous post that how to make simple html site maintenance page.

Creating textured background HTML5

Creating textured background HTML5 snippet

I have modified the body text color and added few background tags.  This would make more different than previous one.



SharePoint crawling not working with non-default zone (public facing site)

Its been very long time to back in here to share the work around fixes.  I have been configured public facing branding site in SharePoint 2013 multi tier environment.

Servers in the farm

SPSQL-AG (Availability group listener)

Web application has been extended to Internet zone, which is exposed in public via F5, SSL configured on IIS.

AAM looks like

http://SPAPP-V01:8080       Default      http://SPAPP-V01:8080
https://www.sathiya.io            Internet    https://www.sathiya.io
http://www.sathiya.io              Internet    https://www.sathiya.io
http://sathiya.io                          Internet    https://www.sathiya.io
https://sathiya.io                       Internet     https://www.sathiya.io

SharePoint search was configured with below topology;
SPAPP-V01 : Admin, Crawler, Content Processing, Analytics Processing & Index Partition
SPAPP-V02 : Admin, Crawler, Content Processing, Analytics Processing & Index Partition
SPWFE-V01 : Query Processing
SPWFE-V02 : Query Processing Continue reading “SharePoint crawling not working with non-default zone (public facing site)”

Simple HTML Maintenance Page

We everyone are looking for very simple HTML and classy site maintenance page for hosting. Nowhere we go.website maintenance page

html maintenance page snippet


Apps Configuration for SharePoint 2013

SharePoint apps feature has been looks great in your site. Here the simple steps to configure an apps and few tweaks to ride it.

Before you jump into the configuration check bellow points;Configuration the domain names in DNS

  • Create dedicated forward lookup zone for SharePoint apps
    • On DNS server, click Start to navigate Administrator Tools and open DNS (or) goto run dnsmgmt.msc
    • In DNS manager, right click Forward Lookup Zones and click New Zone
    • In the wizard, click Next
    • In the Zone Type windows, accept the default of Primary Zone then click Next
    • In the Active Directory Zone Replication Scope page, select the appropriate replication method for your environment
    • In Zone Name, enter your app domain name which will be used for SharePoint apps
    • On the Dynamic Updates windows, select the appropriate types which is apt for you environment
    • Click finish to complete the zone creation
  • Create a wildcard Alias (CNAME) for access an apps
    • In DNS manager, click newly created zone and add New Alias to point to the SharePoint server
    • In the New Resource Record windows,  enter the Alias name as Wildcard entry (*)
    • Next you have to select the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for target host
    • Click Ok to finish the steps
  • To verify the new domain name
    • Go to command prompt
    • From the command prompt you can enter wildcard sub domain host like ping app-ABCDEF12345.sathiyaspapp.com, if you get an reply from source system.  Sound great to move on.
  1. Create a new wildcard SSL certificate (If you have SSL)
  2. Configure the Subscription Settings and App Management service applications
    • To enable the Subscription and App management services from CA
      • Go to SharePoint central administrator site
      • Click Manage services on server under System Settings
      • Start App Management Service and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service
      • Now you are ready to configure the apps
  3. Configure the App Management service application from CA
    • Go to SharePoint CA
    • Click Manage service applications under Application Management section
    • Top ribbon click New to add App Management Service Application
    • Enter appropriate details like Name, database, app pool account and name
    • Click Ok to create the service application
  4. Configure the App URLs
    • Navigate Apps from Central administrator
    • Click Configure App URLs under App Management
      • An error my throw if the subscription setting service didn’t configured like “The Subscription Settings service and corresponding application and proxy needs to be running in order to make changes to these settings.”
      • Solution: Have to create an service application from PowerShell.  (P.S: We can’t create this service application from CA)
    • In the App domain field, type the domain name which we have created for SharePoint apps
    • In the App prefix field you can use any text for identify it
    • Click Ok
    • Powershell
    • The environment is ready to add apps and use it.  If you are a system account then you will get an error “Everything is fine, but we had a small problem getting your license. Please go back to the SharePoint Store to get this app again and you won’t be charged for it.” because the System Account couldn’t make it.  So use other account to add an app to your site.


Download Installed SharePoint Solutions

Here some very useful PowerShell script to download installed SharePoint solutions from the farm.



Upgrade SharePoint 2013 Enterprise 15.0.4569.1000 to 15.0.4641.1000

To upgrading SharePoint server 2013 Enterprise from 15.0.4569.1000 to 15.0.4641.1000 had a long investigation and searching on web made me confusion.  Even I didn’t find any clear way that to reach there.  So I kept my finger crossed and jump into my another SP Farm which has the same build.  Finally got a clue and spins a toss.  What does it? Just keep down your’s eyes 🙂

Once we upgraded SP1 then have to install Aug 2014 CU’s (KB2883086, KB2883085,  KB2883078, KB2880559, KB2760213).

After that we have to install the security update for SP server KB2880994 file.

Finally you will get an updated SharePoint server 2013 enterprise with Build 15.0.4641.1000.


Transact-SQL Restore Latest Backup File

Here the very basic steps to restore latest SQL backup file on the backup media location using the below Transact-SQL statement (T-SQL Statement).

  1. Open SQL management studio and make sure the SQL Server Agent is running.  If its not go to windows services.msc and start SQLSERVERAGENT service or use “net start SQLSERVERAGENT” cmd.
    Screenshot 2016-02-25 13.04.20
  2. Expand the Management from object explorer section and right click Maintenance Plans  to create create new maintenance plan.
  3. Drag and drop the Execute T-SQL Statement Task tool from Toolbox windows to design panel.
    Screenshot 2016-02-25 12.52.41
  4. Right click the task to put the below T-SQL statement on it
    Screenshot 2016-02-25 12.52.22
  5. Save the task and run from Jobs under SQL Server Agent
    Screenshot 2016-02-25 12.53.52
    Screenshot 2016-02-25 12.54.03
  6. Make sure the job successfully completed and check the database updates.



GP Web client error with SSL/TLS

We have already seen the cross domain issue with the previous post. Here the security issue with SSL/TLS to establish trust relationship to session central service.


An error occurred during session monitoring: ‘System.ServiceModel.Security.SecurityNegotiationException: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority ‘marinerydynamics.cloudapp.net:48650’. —> System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. —> System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

The web application ssl has been configured in IIS, but we have to create the trust certification access from windows certificate manager console.
Hove to copy the SSL certificate from personal to “Trust Root Certificate Authority” section. Now the service certification will be authorized to establish the connection.

1. Go to Run command and type certmgr.msc.

2. Now expand the Certificate–>Personal -> Certificate

3. Select the web site certificate which is installed on IIS. Right click and copy the certificate

4. Now expand the Certificate–>Trusted Root Certification Authorities -> Certificate. Right click and past it

6. Now enter the GP web client url.

Cross Domain Error in Dynamic GP 2013 Web Client

The cross domain error would be occurred on Silverlight. Because distinct URL has been configured on session central service, session service and run time service.

Severity: Critical
Summary: An error occurred while initializing communication with the server.
Arguments: https://marinerydynamics.cloudapp.net:48652/RuntimeService/3468
Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=106663&Version=5.1.41212.00&File=System.ServiceModel.dll&Key=CrossDomainError

Scenario 01:
For example I have configured session central and session service with out SSL and runtime service with SLL, in my scenario looks like;
Here the service URL has been configured in same domain.

http://gpserver:48650/SessionCentralService (without SSL)
http://gpserver:48651/SessionService (without SSL)
https://webclient.sathiya.local:48652/ (SSL mandatory for GP web client Runtime service)

Scenario 01:
If suppose the web client is accessible thought internet and configured public url then the Runtime service will be configured like https://public.sathiya.io:48652/.
So the silver light wont communicate between cross domains.

http://gpserver:48650/SessionCentralService (Local url)
http://gpserver:48651/SessionService (Local url)

So you have to configure all three service url should be in same domain. Either it would be local FQDN urls or public urls,

https://webclient.sathiya.local:48650/SessionCentralService (without SSL)
https://webclient.sathiya.local:48651/SessionService (without SSL)


https://public.sathiya.io:48650/SessionCentralService (Local url)
https://public.sathiya.io:48651/SessionService (Local url)

Security issue may happen after installed this setup. To resolve Web client error with SSL/TLS