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SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview

As expected Microsoft introduced SharePoint server 2019 product in May 2018 SharePoint SharePoint Server 2013conference. The product has more refined feature in terms of user experience, development stuff, security concerns and scalable with Hybrid collaboration environments

Now, public preview available to experience the complete features of next milestone.

SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview
Product Build Number Package Name Download/Release CU Release Date
SharePiont 2019 16.0.10711.37301 Public preview Download 2018 July 24

Find the major noticeable features;

  1. Modern user experience based on online product
  2. Content across browser and devices
  3. Robust scalability, security and compliance capabilities

Previous production has a limitation in larger file, character restrictions, files/folder names those are improved in 2019

  • File can be upload upto 15GB
  • URL length has been Increases from 260 Unicode code units to 400.

Tip: SharePoint 2019 complete features, checkout white paper.



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